Music Development Plan



  1. Create an alphabetical index of all works in the library and publish.
  2. Establish protocols for associates regarding communication and structure so that all groups behave as one cohesive whole: Beginner Band – Intermediate Band – Town Band.
  3. Endorse a Contesting Policy which will be displayed as part of our values on our website and which initially promotes local contests, these being The North Wales Rally, The Welsh Regional and The National Eisteddfod. Appoint a Contesting Registration Secretary.
  4. All members to be vigilant and pro-active in helping to fill all vacancies within all groups. Advertise for vacancies locally and on
  5. Consistently use local media to market our image and values. Appoint a press / website officer.
  6. Produce a programme portfolio of four or five concerts (each consisting of twelve items per programme) for the PROMENADE CONCERTS. The programmes aims to include 25% of the Intermediate Band repertoire. Ensure all band members have the right to evaluate the programmes at the end of the summer season.
  7. Ensure that the Songs of Praise ensemble is balanced (SATB). If possible in 2019+ introduce a rotation system for all players so that the burden of performing every week on Sunday is reduced.
  8. Ensure that beginner lessons are bi-lingual (Welsh / English) according to demand.
  9. Develop band sight reading skills.
  10. Provide opportunities for all players to be soloists.
  11. All music performed will be a balance between entertainment and education.


 2018 – 2020

  1. Promote learning by listening to other bands via a social day out eg. Newtown March Contest
  2. Establish a second rehearsal for the Town Band either as full or sectional.
  3. Create a flyer which aims to espouse our values and objectives and for the flyers to be available at: The Town Hall, Tourist Information Centres, Libraries, Health Centres, Promenade Bandstand and local schools.
  4. Ensure that our website, Facebook and Twitter accounts are fit for purpose.
  5. Promote more concerts throughout the year including Choir/Band concerts.
  6. Liaise with the Local Education Authority (Arts Provision) to propose a community project.
  7. Provide small ensembles to perform at health institutions to promote well-being and therefore to be known as our Arts in Health project.
  8. Establish a viability study for the purchasing of pInstruments for Beginners and the Intermediate Band.
  9. Establish principal chair responsibilities – cornet, horn, euphonium, trombone, bass and percussion.
  10. Ensure all policies and protocols are written and firmly embedded within the organisation so that it is applicable that we are able to apply for grants and to expect optimum success.
  11. Establish and develop an in-house slow melody competition/festival.


 2018 – 2022

  1. Perform abroad as ambassadors of Llandudno Town at a major music festival eg World Music Championships, Kerkrade, Holland or French Open
  2. Perform at the Whit Friday Marches or equivalent.
  3. Perform a joint concert with a famous ensemble/soloist in a first class venue eg Venue Cymru
  4. Take a lead role in an Arts venture which showcases music making (brassband) with another art form.
  5. Create a viability study on how to establish a Corps of Drums and how to improve our marching drill skills.
  6. Promote a brass masterclass in association with an outstanding band from Wales.
  7. Become a member of Ty Cerdd
  8. Consider becoming a member of Arts and Business-Cymru (North Wales Cohort).
  9. Encourage all members to take part in the North Wales Solo and Quartet championships.