Our Values

Our Mission statement:

To promote the art of brassband music making within the town of Llandudno and its surrounding areas.

Our values:

To inspire all within our organisation to achieve their full musical potential.

To share our expertise within the locality.

To provide an inclusive equality platform at the point of access and beyond so that members know that the organisation cares about them.

To behave as proud ambassadors on behalf of the town council.

To perform on the promenade bandstand mostly during the summer months and in a variety of auditoriums throughout the rest of the year.

To support an active role towards Arts in Health projects so that our participation becomes a step forward in further establishing the Arts as an important fabric of our society.

To understand our philosophy regarding the styles of music we perform is to appreciate that our music programmes do not contain a bias – their function is to entertain and / or educate.

To manage the bands organisation by attaining to a democratic process which creates a committee consisting of band members (including Officers) and town councillors elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.

To believe in our values is to pro-actively work together through sharing, inspiring and achieving particularly during times of change.